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  • Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 1

  • VR – The Modern Day Arcade in Canada

Comedy Is Canadian – Part 3

the business all of them did stand up at one point or another. This means that the chances of you seeing someone incredibly funny at a stand up club in Canada are pretty high. With comedy standards accelerating all the time, the seasoned performers that take to the stage now are often miles better than […]

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Comedy Is Canadian – Part 2

Mike Myers This comedian and character actor is a chameleon of sorts, many people don’t recognise Mike Myers as he has shifted his physical appearance time after time to fit perfectly into multiple roles, often more than one at once. Well known as a performer on Comedy All-Star TV show Saturday Night Live (created by […]

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Comedy Is Canadian – Part 1

The Country’s Top Funny People and Where to Watch Others Whether you realise it or not Canada has a huge history in western comedy. Despite being the butt of the jokes for a long time thanks to their charming nature and quirky accent, Canadians have since come to stand tall among the big hitters of […]

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Traveling to Canada at a Glance

Traveling to another country is full of mystery and excitement. Stepping out of your element and into a new place is a memorable experience. It is wise to keep in mind the differences of your homeland versus the customs of another Country. The unnecessary stress of not being prepared with the basics can lead your […]

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Vancouver’s Granville Island – Part 3

The big pull here is that the people behind the stands are on the whole experts at what they do. Unlike shopping at a mall or at the outlets where everyone is simply an employee, here the people who will greet you with a smile are often the business owner or a relative with a […]

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Vancouver’s Granville Island – Part 2

The Market Is Everywhere If the general shops don’t bring people in the market stalls tend to do the trick. The way Granville is laid out however means that almost all of the shops look like typical market stalls. There aren’t any huge brand name stores here in the midst of this madness instead hat […]

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Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 2

With a series of varying climates and habitats that allow for its diverse multitude of flora and fauna, Canada is the ideal place to spot several types of bear. Adored all around the world for their visual appeal and merged into pop culture through children’s toys and cartoons, the humble bear is now a sort of mammalian superstar amongst other similar species

Canada’s National Parks – Part 3

Another feature that is entirely unique in the country also resides in the borders of the Wood Buffalo National Park – the salt plains. With a clear view of the skies above that is not blocked by large hills or encroaching mountains this area takes advantage of this rare privilege and has become the worlds largest Dark Sky Preserve.