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  • Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 1

  • VR – The Modern Day Arcade in Canada

Canada And Cannabis – Part 3

Still Under Control Despite the nationwide revelry at the announcement of the change in legality for cannabis, there still remains quite a grey area surrounding the usage of this much loved plant. Within many people’s day-to-day routines with the drug which may involve a morning and evening smoke in their own home, what the law […]

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Canada And Cannabis – Part 2

Counter Culture What the new change of rules in Canada immediately does for people is change how they might find cannabis. Many people could not get hold of the drug without proof that they needed it for health reasons but now the floodgates have opened to millions more customers who are no doubt eager to […]

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Canada And Cannabis – Part 1

In October of 2018 the country of Canada ignited with celebration as a long hoped for legislation was passed, that day smoke fittingly filled the air of the great north as it was announced that Cannabis was legalised. This means that the widely used drug already permitted for medical use was now perfectly fine to […]

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Awesome Urban Art in Toronto – Part 3

Underpass Park This wonderful public space that is somewhat hidden away by the motorway above it has gone to show that any area can be used productively. Here people gather to relax and play games in an unsuspecting area that elsewhere might be fraught with danger. In Toronto though there are good vibes even in […]

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Awesome Urban Art in Toronto – Part 2

Kensington Market This place has long been a home to art and people of all kinds. This area is a historical hub for a diverse crowd of residents that include many people who aren’t actually from Canada. The multicultural roots of this spot have helped sculpt a vibrant community that thrives off independent thought and […]

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Awesome Urban Art in Toronto – Part 1

Graffiti is a term that used to have negative connotations, and today in some circles it still does. More commonly though today the words ‘street art’ have eased their way into the everyday vernacular and this carries a much different idea of what to expect, despite the two words being really the same thing. Canada […]

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Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 2

With a series of varying climates and habitats that allow for its diverse multitude of flora and fauna, Canada is the ideal place to spot several types of bear. Adored all around the world for their visual appeal and merged into pop culture through children’s toys and cartoons, the humble bear is now a sort of mammalian superstar amongst other similar species

Canada’s National Parks – Part 3

Another feature that is entirely unique in the country also resides in the borders of the Wood Buffalo National Park – the salt plains. With a clear view of the skies above that is not blocked by large hills or encroaching mountains this area takes advantage of this rare privilege and has become the worlds largest Dark Sky Preserve.