• Adventure at The Sunshine Coast

  • Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 1

  • VR – The Modern Day Arcade in Canada

Canadian Troubles About Their Flag

On February 15, 1965, Canada finally confirmed the national flag. Yes, you read that right, before this date, the huge North American country did not have an official flag. The approval process was a complex case, but the result of that work is one of the most recognizable flags in the world. However, the debate […]

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Different Canada: Werewolves, Gnomes and Other Legends

Although Canada is one of the most modern, progressive, and most developed countries in the Western world, this peaceful North American country hides vast areas of wildlife hitherto inaccessible by any road and inhabited by ancient Inuit, Inuit, and Nisnabek tribes. Even the name of the country itself comes from the Indian Iroquois word kanata, […]

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Hiking in Canada

Few countries out there can match what Canada has to offer for nature lovers; national parks, mountains, glaciers, vast areas of untouched wilderness, lakes and rivers… the list could go on for quite a while. However, being far away from civilization obviously offers great challenges, especially if you are a novice hiker or if you […]

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Canada is called one of the most likable countries around the world. Everyone is heard about extremely friendly people of the Great White North, scenic landscape that is nothing but wonderful and rivers of maple syrup. But there are many other great things about this cold country! Nature According to the statistics, Canada is the […]

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Travelling Tips: Canada

Canada is one of the greatest, most friendly and incredibly beautiful country. Local people are friendly, helpful and you heard millions of stories about Canadian politeness for sure. There are no doubts that this country can be called a paradise for tourists. However, there are some things that every traveler must keep in mind in […]

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The Culinary Delights of Canada

Traveling to Canada is a wonderful opportunity. It is easy to become distracted by the majestic views that span across the country. Lakes and mountains surround the region creating the perfect backdrop for adventurers. While Canada is famous for its scenery, there is another attraction that makes tourists want to relocate. Canada’s Cuisine If we […]

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Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 2

With a series of varying climates and habitats that allow for its diverse multitude of flora and fauna, Canada is the ideal place to spot several types of bear. Adored all around the world for their visual appeal and merged into pop culture through children’s toys and cartoons, the humble bear is now a sort of mammalian superstar amongst other similar species

Canada’s National Parks – Part 3

Another feature that is entirely unique in the country also resides in the borders of the Wood Buffalo National Park – the salt plains. With a clear view of the skies above that is not blocked by large hills or encroaching mountains this area takes advantage of this rare privilege and has become the worlds largest Dark Sky Preserve.