A Day at The Falls – Part 1

No doubt Canada’s most popular natural sight, the majestic and powerful Niagra falls bring crowds from a round the globe who come to gaze at its colossal watery wonder. Though the river that carries the highly churned water all the way to the united states continues its journey, visitors who have come to Canada may wonder how long to assign Niagra in their tourist itinerary. Well thanks to it being a hugely celebrated destination, the collective at Clifton Hill have made sure that the visit to Canada’s world famous waterway does not feel underwhelming, with new attractions being added every year, this site adjacent to the horseshoe falls in Ontario has at the very least an entire days worth of activities for the entire family.

Beginning with the falls themselves, guests can marvel in the wonder of the water all day and all night. Enjoy the series of rainbows that form as the daylight sun cuts through the watery mist or stick around at night to see it all fully illuminated in beautifully colourful lights. The thirteen storey drop here provides a breathtaking site for anyone at any angle but the roaring sound, the fresh air and sheer scale make for a multi-sensory experience. If you want an even more unique view, jump aboard the Clifton Hill Niagara Skywheel. The cabins here rotate their way up to a height of 175 metres above the ground which means the drop to the falls is even larger. This birds eye view of the river is a great place to breathe in the glory of the destination, and all from the comfort and tranquility of a vessel that seats 6 people comfortably.

Next the Niagara speedway adds some intense speed to your journey. The first of its kind in Canada, this multi layer go kart facility mixes the personalized competition of kart racing with the adrenaline of a roller coaster. This four acre, two thousand foot track is like no karting experience you’ve ever had before. Here the loops and turns eventually make their way up until you find yourself spiraling down back to ground level with the motor shaking your body in delight. Advanced riders will love calculating the hairpins and anticipating the straights as they ride the track over and over until they have perfected it.

However, if your driving skills aren’t up to scratch but you would still like to engage yourself along in a high speed track, the Wild West Coaster should be your next stop. This indoor cinema size simulator takes viewers on a crazy and unforgiving ride through mines and over the dust of the Wild West in an experience that claims to be 6D, which alone is mind boggling. Here the interactive seating moves with great precision and velocity as the 3D images jump from the screen and into your face. The insane level of realism is amplified by intense winds, and surround sounds that really make you feel like you are bumping along a rickety track at full speed. Riders will walk away breathless as the 2 G’s of force in here push the boundaries of both speed and reality.