A Day at the Falls – Part 2

Also, inside is another opportunity to get wet as the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark provides hours of soaking wet fun for all ages. This huge indoor wet play area has something for everyone whether that be swimming lengths in its enormous pool or taking the giant slides down into the waters. The waterslides here climb up to six storey’s high which means the splash at the bottom is always huge. Scream down the long colourful chutes time and time again or why not lap in the virtual tide of the wave pool. There is a sundeck for loungers here and also a pair of larger than normal adult Jacuzzis for parents who are keen to leave the kids to their own devices. With 125000 square feet of watery wackiness, those eager to co
ol off can find great delight here.

Once you have dried off here you can take a leisurely waltz through the Movieland Wax Museum. Here you can work your way through cinema history as the sets of various Hollywood hits are mocked up and accompanied by life size and life like wax models. The cast of Stars here features characters that both the young and old will appreciate from Johnny Depp in full Pirate garb as Captain Jack Sparrow to 80’s horror icon Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street Series. Photo opportunities are endless in here as you can take a snap with Indiana Jones deep inside a cave or The Joker himself behind bars in the iconic scene from The Dark Knight.

From the modern icons of today to the stars of prehistory, make your way through the lands of time in Dinosaur Adventure Golf. The fun, relaxed and timeless activity of mini-golf here is mixed with the ferocious lizards of yesteryear as you put 18 holes through a landscape of giant dinosaurs. Move through raptors, over bubbling sea waters and into the active volcano that can be seen smoking from all over the park. But if dinosaurs aren’t your thing, there is a second mini golf on site here too -Wizard’s Golf. This indoor challenge is quite the opposite of the previous one, full of vibrant colours and semi lit by black lights, here you will feel like you have entered another dimension entirely. Fans of the Harry Potter series or general fantasy will love the theme in here that nods to all the famous wizards of past fiction.

With all this and more (including an arcade, bowling and VR games) all available in walking distance, you are going to need to take a break at some point. Luckily the available stops here include Boston Pizza. With 24 gourmet options and over 100 different ingredients and toppings, this could be the first of your snacks. Kelsey’s is also here to keep your hunger at bay, with a proudly Canadian menu, their Salmon, steak and chuck is all locally sourced, and with fantastic views from their patio it makes a great place to complete your day of fun.

So the answer to ‘how long does a visit to Niagara falls last?’ is really another question – how long have you got?