Adventure at The Sunshine Coast

If you are interested in taking some time to get back in tune with nature and take a wander into the wilderness, Canada’s sunshine coast has several options for everyone, whether you are planning on dipping your toes into trekking or whether you want to leave civilisation behind for a little while. Powell lake is a fantastic area of British Columbia that caters to both classical tourists and those with a wanderlust. with a landscape that has dense forest, steady mountain paths and even beaches, you can experience several holidays in one if you are happy to do some exploring. No matter your level of adventuring there will be a way for you to get to grips with the wilderness here, assisted or unassisted, guided or freestyle.

The Coast

Non-hikers can experience the beautiful coastal sites in the summer time without having to make an itinerary or look at a single map. Instead you can hop aboard a boat and sail away to some featured locations as you enjoy the solar heat that beats down on the river. There are several resort locations that will put you in cabins and cottages right beside the beach, whether you want to be at a cabin at the harbor or a tent right beside some sands, there are plenty of options.

The Forest & Mountains

This place is a hiking haven, not just because of its 180 kilometre backpacking area, and not just because of the diversity of locations, but what really brings dedicated hikers here is their accommodation for those out in the wilderness. Thanks to some fundraising back in the 90’s a series of huts have been erected on the hiking trails which means that the sunshine coast offers the greatest non stop hiking experiences in North America. The huts here which range from simple buildings with sleeping areas to, full on winter proof houses are all placed in prime locations around the trails. As experienced hikers will know, the arrangement here is first come first served so there is no reservation process. However fellow explorers will be welcome to share the sleeping quarters here which often allow around 10 people to stay at once. All of these places are free to stay in, and although they may not have the facilities you are used to elsewhere, they provide essential safety and shelter for anyone out in the wild.

Stay Safe

When you are finally happy to return to the rest of humanity, the towns here have all you will need to get yourself well fed and well rested. A series of restaurants lie alongside the river as do any stores you may need for other conveniences, which is a great piece of mind if you start to feel out of your depth. Take a break mid-hike or come full circle back to the town after days out on your own. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you take essentials, whether that is sunscreen or water, the list on the trail website provides a great check list for all the equipment you will need for a safe hike.