Awesome Urban Art in Toronto – Part 3

Underpass Park

This wonderful public space that is somewhat hidden away by the motorway above it has gone to show that any area can be used productively. Here people gather to relax and play games in an unsuspecting area that elsewhere might be fraught with danger. In Toronto though there are good vibes even in the shadows and this (now well lit) area has catered to fans of hopscotch, basketball, skateboarding and more and has quickly become a hang out spot for all types. Thanks to the Live Arts Festival a few years back, street artists from all over the region came to leave their mark on the walls here. Helping with the positive vibes that this open air shelter provides, a mass of brightly coloured shapes and uplifting statements were sprayed and brushed onto the grey surfaces here transforming this place into a work of art. With works from several famed artists from the area this is a great spot to see different styles and enjoy the space.

Keele Wall

On the opposite end of the street from the Junction you will find Keele wall plastered in 3D typography. This area has many a spray painted garage shutter too but the wall that bares the stormy background and Greco-roman statue is what reels most in. Here an elaborate mix of ‘wildstyle’ writing shows just how complex artists can make simple words and turn them into striking pieces of art.

Graffiti Alley

This one is kind of self explanatory. Unsurprisingly named after the layers and layers of intermeshing paintworks and murals here, this is a prime spot for anyone looking for street art in Toronto. You will want to keep your camera out here as there are enormous full building works on display here that reach far and wide. All over patterns, photo realistic faces and animals and straight up psychedelic colours can all be spied here. Visitors young and old will even be able to spot characters from TV shows that are paid tribute here including Earthworm Jim, Top Cat and Rick and Morty.

Reclamation Project

If there is one place that is essential for your street art sight seeing trip it’s this groundbreaking collaboration between the Canadian government and over 50 artists. The strip of wall that acts as a sound barrier between the railway line and the housing areas behind it has been a prime spot for taggers over the years. Just like many of these long walls just waiting to be sprayed in cities everywhere, not everyone is happy with the scribbled letters that find there way on the surfaces here. In order to clean this area up the government made a very unconventional move by commissioning a selection of urban artists to recoat the walls with more visually pleasing images. Now over one thousand feet of once monochrome grey is a bright and varied celebration of local artists and their talent. This is the largest mural in the country and should not be missed.