Bars That Break the Mold – Part 1

When the weekend comes around, the standard ritual is to gather all your friends who aren’t completely KO’d from the tasks and monotony of their work week and head into town to get something to eat inevitably followed by something to drink. But after months and years of hitting up the same handful of locations, and when you see the same faces occupying the same corners of the dingy Irish pub or the too loud to hear your own thoughts club, this is the point you need something fresh. Once again Canada comes to the rescue, more accurately the mighty city of Toronto, with a bunch of themed bars that decide to turn up their concepts all the way to eleven, these are the places to head to if you are dying for a break from the norm.

Pravda Vodka Bar

If you have ever wanted to go to Russia but haven’t had the money or the courage to brave a soviet winter, this may be your best bet for experiencing a night next to the Kremlin. Dressed to the nines with Russian red and gold, propaganda style paintings and hammer and sickles embroidered into anything a needle can poke through, this elaborately themed vodka palace feels like you are partying and Putin’s. With over 100 different Vodkas on the menu, this is a place where you can sample a range of brands and flavours like never before. On top of this, they also serve food, hearty meats accompany tasty bar snacks here and of course it wouldn’t be right without a little Russian injection, if you have the dollars try their exquisitely rare beluga caviar that is served on a block of ice.

Chill Ice House

So, you want some place cool where you and your friends can chill? Well look no further than Canada’s first permanent ice lounge. This is exactly what you are imagining a bar and seating area made entirely out of ice, blocks and blocks of the stuff makes up the walls, the booths and even the glasses with several ice sculptures to be admired as well. This entire place looks spectacular especially when backlit by all of the internal lighting that makes the ice look like it’s glowing.

In order to keep the entire place from melting into non existence the temperature in here is beyond nippy and is obviously kept sub zero to keep everything intact and to prevent all the visitors from floating out of the door. Because of this you may want to put on your best winter wear before visiting, although the friendly staff here will provide you with an insulated cape and some well needed gloves. For those afraid of freezing you will be happy to know that there is an adjacent warm room right next door, the Gatsby’s Speakeasy is another bar in the back that you can freely wander back and forth into to keep your yourself toasty. So, if you want a night out that will leave you with chills check out the hottest coldest bar in town, right down Bathurst Street.