Bars That Break the Mold – Part 2


This is a truly different style of theme, instead of adding a bunch of visually pleasing features to your bar experience this one takes them away – all of them. At O. Noir the theme is darkness, and your entire dining experience will occur in their dining room shrouded in complete and utter dark. If you have ever wanted to see if you were a super hero, this could be your chance to try out your talents, the idea behind this unique place is akin to the origins of popular Marvel crime fighter Daredevil, the idea being if your sight is completely impaired the rest of your senses are heightened. Thus the meals you receive here are likely to taste much better than if you were looking at them as your taste buds and your olfactory system tries to flood your brain with the information your eyes would have provided. It’s a great idea, and one with so many little extra features too. One of which is that your servers are either visually impaired or entirely blind themselves. This makes them ideal candidates for navigating the pitch black dining room and also lovingly gives more work opportunities to those who may struggle getting hired elsewhere. Only here can you spend a couple hours in their shoes, as you become blind for the duration of your dinner. You can even ad more excitement to your night by ordering surprise dishes, this way you don’t know what you are about to eat and have to rely on your investigative skills as you figure out the flavours. If you are ready to dine like you never have before bring your closed eyes and open minds here.

Poop Café

Unlike the exquisite, progressive and thought-provoking experience above, this place is comparably right in the gutter. While other places hold their heads high because of their modern, exclusive and fancy appearance this place runs full speed in the opposite direction and is proud to be delightfully tasteless. If you think that even the idea of toilets is the antithesis of an enjoyable dining experience, you probably aren’t wrong but that hasn’t stopped hundreds from walking in the doors here. Serving drinks and desserts of many shapes and sizes but opting for ones that most resemble fecal matter, this place does what it can to remind you that you aren’t in any café, you are in poop café. Twisting piles of brown chocolate are served spiraling out of dishes shaped like toilets; they also have urinals and even bathtubs (which brings to mind a set of questions you probably don’t want to hear the answer to). Opting for a friendlier vision of poop most of the time however, the tiny smiling brown blobs decorate most of their dishes in the form of icing. Maybe in their own way they are similar to O.Noir as they help us remember that appearances aren’t everything, because their many dessert options and flavours are just as tasty as they should be. Though you may wish to avoid the ice cream flavour labeled poop.