Bars That Break the Mold – Part 3


With a much broader theme this place is probably what people expect of a theme bar. Under the giant umbrella that is science fiction, anyone who is a fan of anything that fits in the box will find something they enjoy here. With four separate sub-themes for their booths, guests can come and enjoy themed drinks that celebrate the most imaginative genre of pop culture. Find everything from Star Wars to Robot Wars here at See-Scape and all in as many forms as they can throw at you. If you have plenty of time on your hands you can bring your party and play one of their many board games as long as you like. And if board games aren’t modern enough, their selection of video games features old school Atari’s and works its way up to the Xbox 360. Its clear the crew here loves what they do and loves everybody joining in which is why they encourage cosplay and also fill their calendar with events that include movie screenings, trivia nights and more.


Mixing design, cocktails and science together into tasty experimental samplers, the idea here is to reimagine drinks altogether, if you want a to try something completely leftfield then this is the place to spend your evening. Starting with their ice spheres, the list of out of the box drink ideas is fantastic, these ones are drinks formed into a ball of ice that guests have to crack open. Firstly, they look amazing, and resisting the urge to try and take it home with you, after opening your crystal beverage you will find that its as tasty as it is chilled. This inverted take on a liquid with ice, although revolutionary, is probably one of their simpler drinks on offer here which all come available with or without alcohol. Their spherification option puts your drink of choice into a small membrane, similar to the pods found in bubble tea. But here the contents retain much of its flavour and even its carbonation as it fizzes in your mouth after you burst into it with a single bite. Also, on their menu of tasty oddities is the cloud, and it is just what it sounds like. Poured out of their special cloud brewer, this thick vapour settles over whatever it is placed over, making it ideal for adding to a glass full of drink. The entire display of these clouds floating like ghosts on top of wine glasses is strange and exciting enough but what is remarkable about these is that they actually retain a flavour all of their own. Clouds can be consumed solo or paired with other drinks to make for a flavour combo that you really wont get elsewhere. And if you still aren’t satisfied with this place, they also utilize liquid nitrogen to flash freeze items like tiny beverage pearls to ice cream. Visit the lab yourself to try out these possible casual bar items of the future and even combine flavours and methods to concoct your own drinkable masterpiece.