Cabins in Canada – Part 1

If there is one thing that Canada has in abundance it is forests, along with this its vast mountainous areas cover miles and miles of land, and with 90% of its population living right alongside the US border, a great deal of the great north remains uninhabited and unexplored. Although some of the artic areas are too extreme for most, the forests and rocky hills make for boundless adventures which is why so many pick Canada as a much different holiday destination. If you are keen to get to grips with rough and ready backpacking or simply want to disconnect far away from busy cities a cabin retreat may well be just what you need. Situated all over Canada, these simply constructed shelters of varying sizes, are quaint, useful and natural looking places to shack up when you are done with your day of activities or simply relaxing.

This family run business is set in Whitehorse in the Yukon, northwest Canada. Here you won’t be completely isolated but instead will be sharing bathrooms and dining areas with neighbours, and of course all your needs will be catered to by the owners who will also be on site here to look after you. This place is ideal for those who want to ease themselves into the cabin holiday scene, as not only will you be able to seek assistance and company but you will only be a twenty minute walk (or a three minute drive) away from attractions, shops and anything else you may need. However even closer to your cabin here are trails that will guide you alongside the long and picturesque Yukon river, allowing you to go wander at your leisure and use the river as a landmark to find your way back to where you are staying. There is free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities for anyone still worrying about being out of their depth, similarly bicycles are available to borrow for day time and afternoon rides at no additional cost.

Technically not actually a cabin or even a hut, but this mini house is a wood-built getaway that has all the modern conveniences of an everyday house. Another perfect compromise for those who want to get a lighter ‘Cabin in Canada’ experience. Unlike the buildings that are nestled out in the wilderness, this place will provide you with a hot shower, a hairdryer, a mini fridge to keep treats and drinks cool, a kettle and coffee maker to keep you toasty and it even comes with Netflix access. Despite the temptation to stay inside and binge-watch your favourite shows, the views and accessibility here will no doubt lead you outside. Along with a relaxed pond area that leads to views of tranquil waters and wondrous distant mountains, there are several local trails and natural sights nearby that you can either walk or drive to with ease. Once again here you can pick your own pace here and choose how much or how little you want to do each day without stepping out of your comfort zone.