Cabins in Canada – Part 2

The community of Atlin in British Columbia is home to a series of Glacier View Cabins that optimise the natural beauty of the area, thanks to the fantastic placement and extensive knowledge of the company. With a selection of three different cabins that vary in size and location, these houses look the part if not for their modern windows which really allow the sunlight to coat the wooden interiors from every angle.

Their Sentinel Mountain cabin sits just above the tree line allowing for an expansive view of the surrounding area from the balcony. Inside you will find a Queen size bed and enough room to unload your heavy backpack gear. These cabins really are toned down with their facilities and are minimal in the best way, understanding that you are intending to spend the majority of your trip here outside and not cooped up in bed. The shower and bathroom in this cabin are shared with the residents of their second one, the Llewellyn Glacier Log Cabin.

Another stunning viewpoint here will have you staring out over the greenery and into the fading outlines of the endless mountains with the shimmering lake clearly visible too. The difference with this cabin is that it also houses a bunk bed, which means more body heat to keep you warm at night. Both of these also come with a barbeque outside so that even when you are eating later in the day you can remain outdoors until you soak in the very last fragments of sunlight.

Their largest offering is the Birch Mountain cabin which sleeps even more thanks to a second bedroom that houses an additional Queen size sleeper. There is also a second floor here that features a living room and a full bathroom. This option is great for adventurous families or larger groups planning to relax in a shared space later on. As far as activities go, nearby there is kayaking, canoeing, plenty of trails and hikes and lots of opportunities to see wildlife or bathe in some warm springs.

Founded by self confessed legends of the Canadian Mountain scene Art Twomey and Margie Jamieson, this organisation provides a getaway that is focused a lot more on skiing and snow sports. Although the group that runs Boulder Hut Adventures is on a mission to help local wildlife and preserve that nature here, they also invite many guests to come and enjoy themselves in a coveted and isolated area of the mountains, so isolated in fact that it is only accessible by helicopter. Left in the capable hands of the guides here you can enjoy all the mountains have to offer in a beautiful escape from the rest of the world, helped by their Internet free site, which allows no distraction from the pure snowy magic. The cabins here are separate for guests but you will be dining together with others which is great if you book in large groups. There is also an option for those who want to go wander on their own, so you can take up the mountains at your own pace.