Canada And Cannabis – Part 1

In October of 2018 the country of Canada ignited with celebration as a long hoped for legislation was passed, that day smoke fittingly filled the air of the great north as it was announced that Cannabis was legalised. This means that the widely used drug already permitted for medical use was now perfectly fine to be used recreationally on the whole. Advocates for the crop have been pushing for this change for a long time and by making such a bold move it seems Canada has set the president for all other western countries to take a step back and look at their own laws surrounding the famous green stuff. It does make you wonder why the sudden turnaround though and what does it mean for the residents of Canada.

Well Known Medicine

Cannabis and many of its by products have been well publicized to have medicinal properties, in fact Canada has been happy for people to use the drug to help with pain or illness since 2001. Even its divided neighbour to the south, the United States, have a majority of its states allowing similar activity without prosecution. Cannabis can be used to help with pain relief, especially lightening the crippling effects of chronic pains, but it seems the magic leaf can fix everything from a headache to the after effects of major surgery and is generally safer than other options such as the addictive side effect of opiods. Since its been partially regulated the work on cannabis has been extensive and even more benefits have arisen from its study. Extracting one of its core components known as CBD (Cannabidiol) has been profound, studies show this extract can support health without the euphoric ‘heady’ sensation that comes with smoking. Canada has had legal outlets for CBD oil and other derivatives for a long time with it being linked to decreasing anxiety (a rising mental issue all over the west) and even preventing cancers. So what does the legal change mean day to day

It’s Cool to Use

Though cannabis has historically been associated with Rastafarianism and an unmotivated youth culture, it has always had a high street cred. As no doubt one of the most harmless drugs on the streets, its kind of surprising that these changes weren’t made significantly earlier since both tobacco and alcohol cause significantly more damage on the body and on taxpayers nationally. As of now though Canada is generally happy for you to smoke this ‘herb’ as long as you are of legal age, which generally means over 18. This change really comes as a huge relief for those who use the drug for pain relief but don’t have official means to prove it. It also means that from a recreational standpoint people can feel free to relax with the calming power of cannabis much like many do with an alcoholic beverage, but without the fear of being persecuted for it afterwards. It seems odd that one law would allow people to purchase the drug but not allow them to freely use it, this is grey area is now rectified thanks to Canada’s forward thinking approach.