Canada And Cannabis – Part 2

Counter Culture

What the new change of rules in Canada immediately does for people is change how they might find cannabis. Many people could not get hold of the drug without proof that they needed it for health reasons but now the floodgates have opened to millions more customers who are no doubt eager to get their hands on this revolutionary plant. What Canada has done here in a smart way is curb the circulation of ‘bad weed’, meaning that buyers can approach a seller with confidence knowing that they are getting a quality product. This means that shady ‘back alley’ deals and substandard product are going to rapidly diminish into non-existence since the only thing helping the criminals was ironically the law. With many medicinal outlets already set up, the change in regulations has already caused a boom in independent stores who are keen to make a legitimate living out of this new piece of national produce.

A Time of Growth

The law also stipulates that people are now allowed to grow the leafy crop within their house, which is a drastically different stance than before where people have been sent to prison for having potted plants on their premises. It seems silly really to make someone do jail time for owning a plant, especially one which is known to heal and do little else other than that, still it happened, but Canada is eager to put that in their rear view. Depending on the province Canadians are now permitted to grow four plants up to shoulder height, though it varies whether this needs to be done in or outdoors.

This seemingly subtle move is actually an enormous step that realistically allows people to harvest their own endless supply of medication. In America due to both the legal status of the drug and their health care practices, thousands of people can find themselves in debt due to the high cost of their medical bills. Unfortunately it isn’t uncommon for families to become homeless or for people to turn to crime in order to sustain their dependence on something as simple as pain relief. By legalising growth, Canada can clear its conscience when it comes to these situations, as those in desperate need are now able to cultivate their own plants for their own use without any backlash.

On a much larger scale this also means that mass growers previously watched over by the government can extend their facilities. Canada’s top three cannabis growers collectively devote over five million square feet of land to the crop with planned extensions to easily double that number. Once again this takes the power away from criminal organisations that have for years been growing the plant illegally on a large scale to increase their profit margin. In one fell swoop Canada can now oversee the production of cannabis and also allow for smaller farmers and new growers to enter the business and take advantage of the bountiful Canadian landscape in a new way.