Canada’s National Parks – Part 1

Yoho National Park is a fantastic place to breathe in the natural sights of British Columbia. This array of breathtaking features all crafted by mother earth sit in the famed Rocky Mountains of Canada. Though this is the smallest of the linked National Parks, it doesn’t lack in any way and its grand 500 square meter size will no doubt have you rethinking what you consider small. As expected from a destination in the Rockies, many a mountain reside, ten named peaks here make for an extensive trail that accumulates thousands of feet worth of pathways and astonishing ascents. Lower down however things remain captivating as the years of erosion and lack of human interruption have helped create some beautiful lakes.

Emerald Lake sits peacefully amongst the mountains and is flanked by the thick tress of the forest. Its name is wonderfully fitting for the stunning vivid aquamarine waters that add an unmissable, bold dash of colour the green surround. Likewise, Lake Macarthur offers a shimmering reflection of the mountain peaks around it as the snow topped rocks ripple in its clear waters. Both of these tremendous watering holes will make a trip worthwhile even without the marvelous waterfalls and the option to get up close and personal with the animals that live here including wolves, black bears and elk.

From the smallest to the largest of the connecting territories – Jasper National Park spans an enormous 4000+ square miles, which is enough for a lifetime of exploration. Amongst its many features and lush forests are some incredible animals. Home to Grizzlys, coyote and wolverines this intense outdoors is in part a place that many would wish to stay far away from, but in reality it is nature at its best and more importantly its most unrefined. Along with the dangerous mammals here though is the opportunity to spy some very rare bird breeds. Spotters will be keen to listen out for the calls or check for the circling patterns of the Great Horned Owl and Bohemian Waxwings. Even more infrequently encountered are the Golden Eagles and previously endangered Bald Eagle. If you aren’t into the selection of fauna however and the landscape is more your thing you may want to head to Fryatt Valley.

Here the cutaway into the mountains that was created by the rapid rivers that ran here for millennia have sculpted a remarkable view for all those who care to travel here. From the apex those stood amongst the trees will see the rivers new path into the greenery as the mountains reach tall on either side touching the sun at their tips. The scene is enough to leave anyone speechless. Other fantastic features here include the wide Pyramid Mountain and its lake, the Columbia Icefield that will take you away to the arctic in no time, and for those who want a break from the snow and bracing air the Miette Hot Springs. These are only the tip of the iceberg however as Jasper stretches across Canada predominantly untouched and perfect for natural explorers.