Canada’s National Parks – Part 3

Wood Buffalo National Park takes up over a whopping seventeen thousand square miles of land making it larger than the entire country of Switzerland and the biggest of all Canada’s National Park spaces. Unlike the mountainous regions associated with Canada’s wild much of this area is flat land.

This makes sense as to why it remains home to the worlds most numerous herds of Wood Bison that freely roam the plains of the area as they have done for centuries. On top of this, the massive and open lands here make for some highly sought after visitor destinations, one of which being the Pine Lake Beach. This picturesque and quaint lakeside beach is visited by those seeking a relaxing getaway amongst the Canadian foliage. This little area fills with tourists in the warmer months as it clearly resembles the summer camps of so many films and TV shows.

Another feature that is entirely unique in the country also resides in the borders of the Wood Buffalo National Park – the salt plains. In an environment unlike any other in Canada visitors can walk across the remains of what was once an ancient inland sea from many millennia ago. What remains is a basin of salty earth that leaves a cracked texture all across the ground. This embedded saline can cause the snows to melt into a blood red stream in the winter and look silver in
the summer sunlight.

With a clear view of the skies above that is not blocked by large hills or encroaching mountains this area takes advantage of this rare privilege and has become the worlds largest Dark Sky Preserve. This is not only a great thing for the woodland creatures that live and hunt in the dark such as the numbers of bats and owls that inhabit the area, but this also means that scientists and keen observers can utilize the area for gazing at the universe at night. Keeping this area dark means that light pollution is actively prohibited and this means that the views of the night sky here are nothing short of spectacular. Amateur astrologists and experts alike group here to garner unbelievably clear views of the stars, planets and all manner of astrological phenomena. An observatory here overseen by Dr Roberta Bondar, who was the first female Canadian to go to space, offers expertise in all that lies above. An annual dark sky festival is even held here that celebrates space exploration and encourages guests young and old to rediscover the night sky and the answers it may hold.

As if this wasn’t enough to make Wood Buffalo a go to Park in Canada it also has another world record holding feature, the worlds largest Beaver dam. This animal made construction is 1,500 feet long and consists of wood, stone and mud that are continually added by the inhabitants that live in and around it. This dam is so large that it can be viewed from space, giving Wood Buffalo a park another out of this world landmark that must be seen.