Canada’s Wonderland – Part 1

Locally Themed

Not many theme parks are themed around the actual country they inhabit, Canada’s Wonderland however strives to break the mould on that front and takes the cultural delights, eccentricities and even stereotypes and turns them into fun for everyone. North of Toronto in Vaughn is where you will find this Maple Leaf waving plethora of attractions that has everything from water parks, kids rides and simulators to some of the north’s greatest coasters. So whether you are planning to get wet, get scared or sit back and marvel at the live shows, there is no reason you wouldn’t want to visit.

For the Kids

Its true, some people are petrified of theme park rides, this often comes from a traumatic early experience on a ride, so the best thing to do to assure your kids grow up loving the high-octane madness instead of dreading it is to make their first experience a spectacular one. Canada’s Wonderland has a multitude of opportunities for this, thanks to their two family-friendly areas KidZville and Planet Snoopy that both cater towards the likes of younger visitors. Starting with the Maple Park Tree house you can see just how pulled back some of the children’s areas are and just how insistent the park is to tie-in with its heritage. This feature is simple a playhouse, there are no height restrictions and kids can be left to explore all on their own (Adults can relax on the nearby seating area) while they run over bridges and swoop down slides. Another pair of softer attractions are the self-explanatory Character Carousel and Swan Lake which is a pedal boat ride. Boo Blasters On Boo Hill ride is also fairly steady, this indoor ride-and-shoot attraction has families ghost hunting in a fun and interactive ride that will be great for kids who like spooky stories.

Thrill Ride Training

The Woodstock Whirlybirds in planet Snoopy are a great way to start getting kids into the more exhilarating rides. Here you sit in a globe that lifts a few meters of the ground and rotates around the frame of the unit, but what is so special here is that in the centre of each cabin is a wheel that allows riders to amp up their ride accordingly. This means that as kids get used to the flow of the ride, they can choose to speed up the spinning themselves, controlling the pace of the excitement and calming it down if it gets too much. From here on out the rest of the kid’s areas will seem like child’s play, all but one at least – The Ghoster coaster. This fully-fledged wooden coaster is essentially a junior version of The Wild Beast; another ride at the park, but this offers a fantastic Segway into coasters for kids who want to work their way up to bigger rides. This mini roller coaster offers all the climbs, banks and falls that you can expect from many other coasters and is the most extreme ride in both of the kid’s areas.