Canada’s Wonderland – Part 2

For Hot Days

If you are visiting in the summer, there is a fair amount of walking involved in any theme park, and often not a great deal of shade. Cooling off however can be done in a variety of ways at Canada’s Wonderland one of which being a visit to the splash works. This 20 acre premium water park has a bundle of choices for anyone feeling the heat. With rest stops to grab a cold and refreshing drink to Lakeside Lagoon’s kiddie pools where little ones can splash and play in their own shallow pool. The big draw here is obviously the gigantic water slides on display. Take a ride on the super soaker where guests sit aboard a giant circular raft and are thrown down a giant slide, sweeping in and out of dark areas before splashing into the pool below. And if you like the enclosed slides there is none better than the Black Hole. This pair of blacked out slides have individual riders plunged into darkness as they twist, slide and fall through the sloping tunnels not knowing what comes next until they find themselves in the waters below. Finally the Muskoka Plunge has four varying speed slides that will drop riders over 60 feet high to the floor through hundreds of feet of enclosed winds and loops. These and even more wet and wonderful rides are available for thrill seekers while family Cabanas are available for guests simply wanting to chill poolside.

For Speed Freaks

The real theme park fans come for one thing and one thing only – the G force, and the selection of extreme rides here is not at all shabby. Starting with the Lumberjack, which has guests sat along the blades of two gigantic axes. Once started they begin to oscillate like pendulums before flipping over in complete 360 degree loops making for an inverted G-force experience not for the faint hearted. The one of a kind Sledgehammer sits you in a set of gondolas along its six arms and raises you high into the sky twisting and turning you in zig-zag banks as you rotate around its axis. Similarly the Soaring Timbers will seat you at either end of its arm and twist riders all the way round while spinning madly already for double the amount of pull. All of these come without the rising anticipation that comes with the dramatic climb of their impressive line up of rollercoasters. With over ten coasters to choose from, fans of soaring speeds and heavenly heights will be more than delighted at the line-up. The Bat features both forwards and backwards riding along its crazy corkscrews, while the Time Warp shoots you head first through lifts and spirals. The main event here though is the one that is impossible not to see as soon as you enter the park grounds, the giant aqua blue Leviathan. Named after the mythical beast this incredible coaster is both the tallest and the fastest coaster in the country, making Canada’s Wonderland an unmissable destination for coaster lovers.