Comedy Is Canadian – Part 2

Mike Myers

This comedian and character actor is a chameleon of sorts, many people don’t recognise Mike Myers as he has shifted his physical appearance time after time to fit perfectly into multiple roles, often more than one at once. Well known as a performer on Comedy All-Star TV show Saturday Night Live (created by Canadian Lorne Michaels), Myers has seen gone on to embody a multitude of recognisable characters all with their own catch phrases, sensibilities and of course unique looks. During the era when rock music was fading out of fashion, Myers and his partner Dana Carvey became the household duo of Wayne and Garth, a pair of not too smart metal heads who hosted a rock show. Eventually Wayne’s World would spawn two movies and allow Myers to get comfortable with the silver screen. After a break Myers would return to the screen and audiences with a drastic new look as he became Austin Powers. This buck toothed, sex crazed Brit was a kind of 70’s bizarro James Bond who became a hit at the box office and went on to do it again in two sequels. This is where Myers would begin to shape shift as he played both the titular character and his Nemesis Dr Evil, tacking on more characters as the films progressed. Myers then went from tongue in cheek adult comedy to kids favourite as he voiced the Ogre Shrek. This new fairytale became a smash hit and had Myers reprising his role several times over and even taking part in the theme park ride created from the characters. He also took on the role the Cat in The Hat from the much loved Dr Seuss books in a live action/CGI telling of the story. In several ways Myers’ career shadowed that of fellow Canadian Jim Carrey, just like when he was the second person from Canada to receive the MTV generation award.

Seth Rogen

A much more recent entry into Canada’s list of hilarious folk is the bespectacled Seth Rogen. Known at a young age to be funny as he appeared in the cult hit comedy Freaks and Geeks at age 17, Rogen then went on to do work behind the scenes writing for shows and eventually performing stand up shows later on. Today Rogen is recognised by his association with ‘stoner films’, an advocate of cannabis himself Rogen is often cast as a smoker in many roles. His stardom really took ground when he starred alongside Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old-Virgin. Already good friends with Director Judd Apatow, Rogen then became the lead in Knocked Up making him a household name among comedy lovers. Rogen has since gone on to create or co-create several films as well as TV shows usually starring his close group of friends who he persistently collaborates with. As if following tradition Rogen also voiced a character in a Dr Seuss adaptation, this time Horton Hears A Who! Rogen is now tied to dark comedy Preacher and will soon feature in the Lion King Remake as the fun Warthog Pumba.