Comedy Is Canadian – Part 3

the business all of them did stand up at one point or another. This means that the chances of you seeing someone incredibly funny at a stand up club in Canada are pretty high. With comedy standards accelerating all the time, the seasoned performers that take to the stage now are often miles better than those who came before. Stand up is an entirely different kettle of fish from acting and of course writing, but it takes bounds of skill and a lot of nerve to approach audiences with your jokes. This is why so many future comedy starts start here and why many are poached from the stage and then brought to places like SNL where they can reinvent themselves weekly. If you are hoping to spy a future Canadian superstar here are your best places to grab a drink and pull up a seat.

Comedy Bar

In Toronto the comedy bar host rib tickling nights that include both up and coming stand ups and improv troupes. Both of these are perfect breeding grounds for the next big comic as improvisation is a skill that the best comedians have in buckets, shows like SNL and in fact comedic directors often rely on the comedian’s skills of improv to create original takes and make seemingly normal situations become unforgettably funny. At the Comedy Bar you can find solos, duos, groups and sketches that will all make you laugh in different ways.

Yuk Yuks

This place has a significant part in Canada’s history, this chain of comedy outlets has been providing audiences with hilarity for years. Jim Carrey himself once took to the stage here early on and tried out his early impressions, the tough crowd however almost made him think twice about his career. Luckily he wasn’t deterred, but its always good to keep in mind that not everyone is used to the heckling and boos, so play nice or we could scare a future jokester back into their office job. Seth Rogen also took to the stage here at a young age, so young that his mother had to drive him to gigs.

Second City

Canada’s Second City is one of a trio of locations where this big name comedy destination brings out its best to crowds eager for a laugh. Here you will also find a great mix of comedy where people like the late John Candy would ‘cut their teeth’ in the industry. Sketch shows here show absurd scenarios and characters while the stand up remains hilariously recognisable with everyday observations. What separates Second City from other comedy places is their desire to train up new comedians. With a selection of classes from online to in person workshops the team here know that they could have a future star on their hands and they are eager to get them learning the ropes. With its film school program founded after legendary comic Harold Ramis, no medium of comedy is out of bounds for these guys. Whether you want to enjoy comedy or take part of it, Second City is a must visit spot.