Exquisite Toronto Coffee

Toronto is home to many a coffee house, and though the big chains may give some comfort, coffee connoisseurs will be looking for a different kind of café experience, both style and substance. From its humble beginnings as a run-down book shop the original Sam James Coffee Bar in Harboard began supplying Canadians with their signature style and quality back in 2009. This quaint but stylish location remains on the small size with only a handful of seats and yet it serves as a beloved location for all those nearby. Then in 2012 after strength to strength the brand opened The Path which connects the towers of the financial district. As can be expected from busy business men needing their caffeine hit, speed here is key, and the Path remains confident as one of the fastest most efficient places to go from bean to cup to belly. Toronto Street was next, continuing their artsy and minimal monochrome design aesthetic, this location features a solid steel bar that creates a sturdy focus in this modestly sized location partially hidden in the backstreets. Opposite Trinity Bellwoods now sits a Park of its own. The downplayed theme here is one that simulates a skate park thanks to the wooden topped, knee-high bench that coats the walls of the lengthways long room. Finally, their Chinatown shop is adorned with stainless steel. Much like walking into the back of a professional kitchen, the surfaces are all coated in this shiny grey metal and the art pieces all use this industrial material. Each particular location has its own resident artwork and individual style, yet all share the same cool design sensibilities. Every location is the right place to get their iconic Cut Coffee Espresso as well as a selection of snacks.

Basing their name and practices around the historical story of a man named Francisco who went on a lengthy journey to bring coffee to Brazil – De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters hope to continue the Portuguese legends mission into the future. These guys are very picky about their beans and rightly so, with their very particular methods comes a product that is exceptional and has garnered them great attention. With a very socially and ecologically conscious buying scheme, they buy from farmers in specific locations looking for the best sourcing opportunities that are fair and sustainable. Back at the café that means that their blends stand out from the crowd. With a rotating set of house blends their stand out care and consistent quality shines in the cup. Luckily those stopping by don’t have to just settle for what they purchase at the bar. Dealing with bean wholesale means that they have plenty for adoring caffeine addicts to take away with them. Pick from whichever blends are in season and recreate the bold flavours back at home. De Mello Palheta even sell some of the most sought-after coffee brewing equipment. This makes this location even more irresistible for those looking up their home brew game as sampling the product comes with a shopping experience that could turn your morning coffee into something spectacular.