How To Shop Canada Style – Part 1

It is that time again when a quick trip into town is no longer possible. Stores everywhere are flooded with bodies as parents everywhere try to pick the best gifts for their loved ones before the stores sell out, or their time does. Unlike the small towns of old malls now offer the ability to shop for everything in one place, so finding the best one is key to saving you both time and money.

Although America is known as the place to be for shopping with its mad sales like the not long passed Black Friday, it’s neighbour to the north should not be underestimated. With sprawling open foyers and overlapping escalators, Canada has a lot to offer if you are planning on emptying your bank account in one crazy spree. Although many of these huge multifaceted shopping hubs may be ideal for your Christmas shop, you may wish to return after the festive season to enjoy their features at your leisure. With several world record holding Malls in its grasp, the potential for consumerism is off the charts here. Whether you are looking for bigger versions of the huge chain stores you know and love or whether you are looking for a bunch of lesser-known outlets to find a surprise gem; this selection has it all and plenty more.

Pacific Mall

This beast from the east is a 270,000 square foot mammoth that opened its doors back in 1997. Thanks to three levels that boast big brand stores along with hundreds of tiny market stalls this is essentially a mini Asian city, so much so that the corridors are named after streets in Hong Kong. This is the biggest Asian market in north America, and with that comes much of the culture and therefore practices of the east, one of these things is great – the food. With multiple mini market shops all with their own recipes and combinations of authentic Asian cuisine, this is probably one of the best places on the continent to sample real food from the far east. Additionally, the minature businesses here are well known for their underhand practices in the form of pirated wares.

America is strict on copyright laws but you may be surprised to learn that not all countries are. In fact several countries including those in South America don’t enforce any restrictions on what we collectively refer to as pirated content. Consequently the cluster of people who operate stores here in the Pacific Mall still work under their own rules and freely sell bootleg CD’s, DVD’s, Blu Rays, Games and more. This is bad news for the big corporations and the copyright holders but great for anyone looking for a rare find that hasn’t been released in their region yet. Fans of Asian food, film and fashion will love this place as the Pacific Mall will transport you over the Hong Kong without the plane ticket.