How To Shop Canada Style – Part 2

Toronto Eaton Centre

Named after the Canadian department store that unfortunately went bankrupt back in 1999, this vast and popular mall still retains its name. With multiple access thanks to several nearby transit routes, the Eaton Centre is widely popular and is the go to destination for over 50 million visitors each year, which ranks it higher than any mall in the United States. But it can’t just be the four floors of shopping that bring people in, the atmosphere here is a little different. There is something inviting about the huge open areas that make up the large corridors and atriums of this multistory complex. The arching ceilings that allow natural light to pour in through the glass above makes a real difference to the way shoppers feel, whether you notice it or not you feel a lot less like you’ve been in a warehouse for hours and a lot more like you are in a regular environment. The grand open spaces also make for a great view as you look over the cutaways to separate levels and take in nothing but stores as far as the eye can see. With several recent refurbishments and store additions like Nordstrom, Uniqlo and Samsung, this place keeps growing and changing, which is great for returning visitors. Now with a rejuvenated food hall renamed the urban eatery a new modern looking walkway and with all its Christmas decorations up, this mall is a great one to marvel at during the winter months, especially since their Christmas tree is regularly spectacular.

Metropolis at Metrotown

Directly opposite the Metrotown station and the Skytrain is another giant amalgamation of stores and services commonly known as the Metro. This is Canada’s third biggest mall and is absolutely heaving with its 400+ retailers inside. Grab anything you can think of inside here from your clothes at H&M or Gap, your electronics at their Apple Store, and all your latest pop culture merchandise at their Hot Topic. Of course no mall is complete without its own food court and the Metro has a wide range of eateries that go from standard fast food like KFC and McDonalds to restaurants like Chipotle and of course Canada’s favourite Tim Hortons. If you are visiting soon you will want to take full advantage of the festivities here and that doesn’t just restrict you to enjoying the wonderfully dressed interior that drapes green wreaths and shiny tinsel over its clean white walls. Advent means that kids will have the opportunity to meet and greet the man who is in the highest demand at this time – Santa Claus himself. This year you can get photos with Santa for as little as $3 while all the contributions go towards supporting the Barnaby Christmas Bureau. Keep in mind though that as you may have seen in the movies, Mall Santa’s are extremely popular which means that the queue to see him is going to test your festive spirit, however the Metro does offer the ability for someone to wait in your place, this allows you to shop and await a text message to return just in time for you to see the man of the month.