The Culinary Delights of Canada

Traveling to Canada is a wonderful opportunity. It is easy to become distracted by the majestic views that span across the country. Lakes and mountains surround the region creating the perfect backdrop for adventurers. While Canada is famous for its scenery, there is another attraction that makes tourists want to relocate.

Canada’s Cuisine

If we look at some of the most popular foods of Canada, you will notice a trend develop. The flavors each envelop their own distinct flavors that delightfully collaborate together. A pattern of bold and subtle merge making Canada on the top of every foodies list.

Poutine Anyone?

Poutine is known around the world to reach down into your very soul. The comfort food is a staple to have in Canada. It is a yummy piling of crispy potato fries with the standard toppings of cheese curds and gravy. Common addons include grilled onions, pulled pork and bacon to really top off the dish. Poutine is not only filling; it is also a genuine Canadian experience.

The Bacon of Canada

Canadian Bacon is not your average strip of meat. Instead of long pieces of pork and fat, you will enjoy a slice of pork loin that is brined to perfection. Tender cuts are rolled in cornmeal for the finish. Canadian Bacon is leaner making it a preferred option for recipes. It is used as the star of a dish and also debuts as a paired sidekick when needed.

The Bacon of Canada
The Bacon of Canada

Tried and True Bannock

From the earlier settlers of Canada comes a tried and true tradition. Bannock is a simple bread that is shaped like a thick oval pancake. It is grilled, fried or baked depending on how dense or fluffy you would like it. Bannock is versatile enough to eat alone, layer with toppings or roll as a sandwich bread. Cooks put their own spin on the recipe to continue handing it down generation after generation.

Butter Tarts for the Win

Anyone visiting Canada must seek out this addictive treat. Small and flaky pastry cups are complimented with a rich yet airy filling. Basic butter, eggs and sugar are baked until it has that melt in your mouth appeal. It may be believed to eat first before you have a butter tart, however we say they are worth breaking the rules.

Butter Tarts for the Win
Butter Tarts for the Win

Seafood Scene

With pristine waters everywhere you look, it is reasonable to assume there is an abundance of seafood. A wide spectrum of fish and shellfish are available to your sea harts content. Nova Scotian Lobster is a definite chart topper. It is served steamed, in pasta dishes, with potatoes, in soups or as a famous Nova Scotian Lobster Roll.

Every corner of the world has their own special recipes. Canada exceeds this list with a home and hearth approach. Brisk and crisp air in the mornings lead to a beautiful sunset with an array of tastes in between.