The Lakes of Canada – Part 1

Nearly everybody has heard of the Great Lakes of North America, but this wonderful country has many other beautiful and outstanding lakes than the famous Lake Superior etc. Traveling throughout Alberta and British Columbia you will find some of the most gorgeous lakes in the whole of North America, a good example are the western lakes with undeniably picturesque settings of mountain peaks and crystal-clear azure water. If you are looking for a vacation and somewhere you can fish, swim, canoe and generally mess about in the water, then look no further than the Canadian lakes. In this blog we highlight some of the most beautiful.

Joffre Lakes

The Joffre Lakes include the lower, middle and upper and are well known for their absolute beauty. Formed by glaciers the reflective green hue from the water reflects this. Situated just twenty-two miles from Penticton in British Columbia the lakes offer tranquility in every sense of the word. The only problem with the Joffre Lakes is that they are not particularly easy to access, but therein lies the beauty and accounts for the lack of people. From the parking area it is easily a third of a mile before you hit the first lake which is Lower Joffre. Then if you wish to explore further the route becomes trickier as it is rocky and steep.

Spotted Lake

Another beautiful lake in British Columbia is Spotted Lake, and it gets its unusual name from the discoloration of the water from the many minerals within. In the summer most of the water disappears and the bottom of the lake becomes evident with its many different colors being made by the minerals. This odd but very beautiful lake cannot be walked upon during the summer and visitors must stand well away from the shoreline and just look.

Lake Huron

One of the Big Five, Lake Huron is also one of the largest freshwater lakes on the planet. Lake Huron is the boundary between Canada and America and is splattered with islands. Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes and includes Saginaw and Georgian bays which are commonly mistaken for actual lakes themselves. Named after the Huron Indians this vast lake is pretty deserted, in fact there are more trees than humans which adds to the overall sense of the grandeur of nature.

Garibaldi Lake

Possibly the most beautiful lake in the whole of Canada, Lake Garibaldi is located in the mountainous region of British Columbia, around an hour and a half drive from Vancouver. Surrounding the lake are beautiful snow-capped mountains and verdant green pine trees as far as the eye can see. But there is one big problem and that is getting to this epic lake, it can only be accessed by foot and is a good six hours hike there and back. Most visitors take the opportunity to take camping equipment with them and spend a night to take in the full beauty of this fantastic lake before attempting the trek back home.

In part two of the most beautiful lakes in Canada, we once more venture forth to visit Lake Superior, Lake Ontario and Abraham Lake.