The Lakes of Canada – Part 2

In part one of our blog to discover the most beautiful lakes in Canada we visited Lake Huron, Spotted Lake, and Garibaldi Lake among others. In this edition we take in two more of the Great Five lakes of Canada as well as one or two delightful surprises.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes being over 82,000 sq. km in area, and is the highest upstream of all of the five lakes. Superior was created by volcanic action and this is plainly evident by the rocky terrain around its shore. It is the southern part of this vast water that has often been dubbed the graveyard of the five Great Lakes as it is around Whitefish Point that most shipping disasters have happened.

Lake Ontario

The province of Ontario was named after the lake and not vice versa, and its importance is that it is the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. Although it is the smallest of the Great Lakes it is still massive and is actually the fourteenth largest lake in the world. The lake has a beautiful setting as the modern city of Toronto encircles its shoreline, and there are literally thousands of small islands dotted about in its waters. Located at the base of the famous Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario empties its waters into the St. Lawrence River and then onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Emerald Lake

Visiting the Canadian Rockies, a visit to the Yoho National Park will take you to the spectacular Emerald Lake. This lake is stunningly beautiful with its waters taking on an emerald green color from the reflection of the hundreds of thousands of verdant green trees surrounding its shoreline. It is not just the trees that help form the most spectacular of colors, also contributing is the powdered limestone that is found in the water. The summertime is probably the best time to enjoy the lake on the water as during winter the lake is mostly frozen over.

Peyto Lake

Situated in the rugged surroundings of the Banff National Park is Peyto Lake, which offers tremendous deep turquoise waters to illuminate the landscape. The dark and spiky peaks of the surrounding mountain tops are smoothed at the bottom by lush alpine green trees that draw the eye to the striking blue waters of the lake. This memorizing lake is long and narrow as it fades away from the view from Bow Point.

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is so perfect that it is supposed to be the most photographed lake in the whole of Canada, just one glimpse of Lake Moraine is enough for most people to fall in love with it. Moraine Lake is an iconic location in Canadian history, appearing in the country’s bank notes and featuring on most of the world’s PC’s as the Windows log-in page. Surrounded by snowcapped mountains and alpine trees it is a picture-perfect location that cannot fail to capture your heart.

The fantastic lakes of Canada offer such a diverse variety of beauty, from the large and spectacular to the small and beautiful. Certainly, visiting any one of these lakes would be an enriching experience and probably an unforgettable one too.