The Top Ten Ski Resorts in Canada for Beginners – Part 1

If you are learning to ski in Canada, you are most fortunate as there are so many great places that you can go. In this blog we have decided to look at the top ten ski resorts in Canada for beginners to start their skiing careers.

This is not to say these great resorts just have small nursery slopes, it is the fact that they can all accommodate beginners along with more capable skiers and offer great facilities. The list also contains the resorts with the best ski schools, these schools have the best instructors and run small group classes on first-class ski areas.


One of the most renowned ski resorts in the whole of Canada and famed throughout the world is Whistler. Many skiers across the globe have cited Whistler as their dream ski resort and who could possibly blame them. Whistler is huge and caters for every kind of skiing that you could possibly think of, in 2010 it was even host to the Winter Olympics. Located in a great area in British Columbia, Whistler has paved streets, great architecture, restaurants, bars and many things to do and see.

Whistler is also the world’s biggest ski area and offers phenomenally good skiing with the fastest lift systems in any resort. Spanning two mountains the eight thousand acres of slopes and ski runs cannot be matched for sheer size.


High up in the Purcell mountains of British Columbia you will find Kimberley, compared to Whistler the resort is tiny but therein lies its beauty. At Kimberley skiers are more relaxed and you will not find large queues anywhere. Some people go to Kimberley to also enjoy the golf at the fantastic Trickle Creek Golf Course on a two pronged activity holiday. Kimberley old town is only a couple of miles away from the ski resort and has set its stall up to oddly be a Bavarian style town. The ski area at Kimberley is large with four different sections, Northstar mountain, Black forest, Vimy ridge and Tamarak ridge. For learning the basics of skiing the Owl Zone is just perfect and you can follow easy routes on the Northstar mountain.


Banff is a little bit of a conundrum, unlike most Canadian ski resorts in Banff the low season is Winter! The marvelous Cascade mountain dominates the skyline and Banff National Park is the oldest in Canada and a World Heritage site. The Banff National Park consists of six and a half thousand square kilometers and actually contains three ski resorts which gathered together are named, The Big Three. Situated on the continental divide Banff has powder until the very last days of April and is often open to skiing when many resorts are closed.

In part two of our blog to discover the best ski resorts for the amateur skier, we travel to Lake Louise, Jasper and Big White. These resorts all show the diversity of Canadian ski resorts and what they offer both in skiing and après ski to the beginner. They all have their own unique charm and offer different views and types of skiing.