The Top Ten Ski Resorts in Canada for Beginners – Part 3

The concluding part of our blog to find the ten best learner friendly ski resorts in Canada takes us to Mont Tremblant, Sun Peaks, Panorama, and Fernie. All of these beginner resorts have held awards and titles, such as Best beginner resort, or Top Canadian beginner resort. The truth is that these are the very best resorts to learn how to ski in Canada, offering the best conditions, amenities and instructors.

Mont Tremblant

Revamped extensively in the 1990’s, Mont Tremblant Ski Resort has actually been named Best Eastern North American Resort by Ski Magazine for the last seventeen consecutive years. The revamp took on an Alpine theme and also the village is totally car free. The village looks like something out of a Disneyland production with its enchanting cobbled streets and brightly painted buildings. But don’t let all this fool you it offers all the modern amenities brimming with all the highest Quebec charm. The skiing is varied throughout the four areas, and all the different runs are mixed up with each other so that there is no distinct Learner Zone for embarrassment.

Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks is very aptly named as it averages two thousand hours of sunshine every year. Sun Peaks offers three mountains that are covered in trails that all converge at the village below. There is a great feeling of design about Sun Peaks that somebody took the time out to consider what skiers really need. There is a great bus service that circles the village every thirty minutes passing the pastel colored chalets and local bars and restaurants. Formerly known as Tod Mountain, this whole area makes up the second largest ski area in Canada, and it is as diverse as it is big offering great skiing for beginners.


One of the lesser known ski resorts in British Columbia, and as its name suggests Panorama offers stunning views of nearby Mount Nelson along with over another thousand peaks of the grand Rockies. Panorama will suit anybody who likes their ski resorts to be laid back and quiet, the small village has a few amenities but don’t expect the après ski to be off the chart. The restaurants are good and homely and there are enough shops to stock up on necessities to keep you well supplied. There is also plenty of diverse and engaging skiing to be had and for beginners there are twenty-four green and blue runs to keep you busy.


Fernie is well known for having plenty of great snow, it has been measured that the annual snowfall is as much as thirty-seven feet. And as there are two and a half thousand acres of local ski terrain it all makes for a jolly good ski resort. Off the piste there is a really good mix of bars and restaurants enough to keep everybody happy, and for beginners the Lower Mountain could have been made especially just for you. Head for the enchantingly named Mini and Mighty Moose areas and you will be in heaven. Fernie concludes our blog of the ten best ski resorts for beginners in Canada. These large and small resorts all have one thing in common, and that is they are all great for learning how to ski.