The Wonderful Nature of Canada

One of the most visited yet least talked about travel destinations is also the second largest country in the world. Canada is a traveler’s paradise where culture meets the vast untouched natural surroundings of the land. Boasting big city lifestyles accompanied with miles of natural beauty leads Canada to be the best of both worlds. It is known to have friendly communities, incredible shopping opportunities and a legacy of natural settings that range from humble sites to sheer brilliance.

Unless you are able to stay for a season, your holiday will likely include what has landed on your most wanted list. Deciding on which wonder to see can prove difficult as there are several to choose from. You can opt for the most traveled path or journey to the scarcely populated regions for an outdoor experience.

Niagara Falls

The wondrous waterfalls are perhaps the top of tourism in Canada. For over one hundred years, Niagara Falls has attracted visitors. Enormous waterfalls are accompanied with a gorge, walkways and tours to see the Falls close up and personal. They are described as magical and enchanted with the spirit of the earth.

Churchill, Manitoba

Travel the tundra before the ice finishes its cycle to see the great migration of Polar bears. Most enthusiasts take the day to see their favorite animals at their local Zoo. Churchill offers a warm welcome to tourists in the fall season. Safety is mandatory when in the snow as Polar bears are curious albeit defensive animals. Caged windows in the buggies are a must have in the event they get too close.

Vancouver Island

Camping and hiking are common to see on the island. The surroundings whisk you away into another time and place. The natural splendor is filled with tress and wildlife just waiting to be explored. You have sceneries that overlook the ocean, rocky hillsides and a deep sense of lush greenery throughout the island. Varying shores offer their own enriched beauty and experience. Resorts and lodges are available, however booking in advance is advised.

Gros Morne National Park

As a Unesco World Heritage Site, you can be sure the natural aspects are preserved. A plethora of mountains, glacier fed water, cliff sides and waterfalls are nestled along the National Park. Seasonal activities such as hiking, camping and skiing are encouraged to enjoy the miles of one of Canadas most cherished Parks.

Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

An array of lakes are the gems of Canada. With turquoise waters and crystal-clear depths, they reflect their surroundings for a lasting impression. Mountains have snow covered caps with the enormity of grandeur beauty. Walk along the shores, ski the slopes or just relax and breathe in the fresh air. The area is a natural treasure that will make you want to move to Canada year-round.

The many towns, villages and cities have much to offer tourists and travelers. A trip to Canada will remind you of the original intentions of the earth and the beauty that still exists. If you missed a few sites on your to see list, rest assured you will be making plans to visit again before you leave for home.