Things to Do and See in Quebec – Part 2

We continue our journey around the vast region that is Quebec to uncover more great things to do and see in this most diverse of areas. In part one we took a journey up to the wild but alluring Forillion National Park before having a night’s rest in Chateau Frontenac. In this blog we go skiing up in Mont Tremblant, take a trip around Mount Royal Park before heading off to beautiful Bonaventure Island.

Mont Tremblant

If you have packed your skis for your trip around Quebec, there is only one place to head for, and that is Mont Tremblant. There are many ski resorts in the Canadian Laurentians and each offer their own charm and beauty.

But the granddaddy of them all has to be Mont Tremblant and standing at nine hundred and sixty meters high it is the tallest of all the Laurentian mountains. The resort not only offers superb skiing but it has a diversity of restaurants, bars, shops to keep the whole family amused after a busy day on the piste.

Mount Royal Park

Many visitors do not realize that Montreal was situated and named after the mountain that it stands on, Mont Royal is a two hundred and thirty three meter peak that Montreal is named after. Situated in the very heart of the largest city in Quebec is the park that stands on Mont Royal, which offers exceptional three hundred and sixty-degree views all around Montreal. The park plays host to many festivals and events from the exciting ice-skating during the winter at Lac-aux-Castors to music and art festivals. Mount Royal Park is the ticking heart of Montreal, that its people can gather together in sporting and cultural activities and instill a community feel to this great city.

Bonaventure Island

If you enjoy bird watching and are an avid twitcher, then Bonaventure Island will be pure bird paradise for you. Bonaventure is an island off the glorious Gaspe Peninsula and it has been designated as a bird sanctuary. During the summer an estimated one hundred thousand gannets descend on Bonaventure Island to enjoy sanctuary in its rugged cliffs and rocky terrain. For visitors there are nature trails that have been built where you can walk around viewing but not disturbing the birds.

The park wardens of Bonaventure are happy to impart information and wisdom as you walk through the trails, each of them is a naturalist so they are experts in their field. Take the opportunity to visit Perce Rock as it is the main attraction on Bonaventure Island. Perce Rock is a massive fifteen thousand feet stone monolith which many cormorants, razorbills, and black-legged kittiwakes call home.

There is one note of caution in this bird paradise, and that is taking a walk around the walls and cliffs of Perce Rock and Mont Joli can be very dangerous. At all-time look at where you are walking, this can be a trifle difficult as the magnificent birds will definitely distract your attention but be warned. Quebec has so many glorious things to do and see that we have only scratched the surface in this blog. As with any adventure of discovery often the best thing to do is simply to set off and be bold.