Travelling Tips: Canada

Canada is one of the greatest, most friendly and incredibly beautiful country. Local people are friendly, helpful and you heard millions of stories about Canadian politeness for sure. There are no doubts that this country can be called a paradise for tourists. However, there are some things that every traveler must keep in mind in order to make their stay in Canada easy, fun and safe. So, give us a little of your attention while waiting for your visa’s confirmation.

Distances Are Extensive

Let’s start from the basics – Canada is an enormously big country. Many travelers have struggled there with time planning because they haven’t evaluated the distance before planning their trips. In order to give you a clearer picture, let us talk in numbers:  the longest distance from the East to the West is 5,514 km (distance from Cape Spear to the Yukon and Alaska boundary) and the country spans 6 time zones. Therefore, it is necessary to count how much you need to drive from one place to another through mountains, rain or icy roads.

It is not possible to visit everything, so you must plan the places in the smartest way if you want to enjoy cities, nature and Canadian culture without a rush. The best route for a short visit would be the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, the West Coast of BC or the Maritimes or chose the famous and picturesque Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. The general rule is to focus on one particular region or province, so you can fully enjoy views and that slow vibe.

Different Weather Conditions

As we said – Canada is a huge country and there can be a deep winter in the North while the southern part is enjoying pleasant sunlight and Spring vibes. As a result, it is necessary to do some research about the places you are going to visit and prepare your stuff smartly.

The first and most important tip – bring layers of clothes. It doesn’t matter what place you are going to visit, the sudden weather changes are highly expected a few times a day, so it’s always better to have a jacket that you can take off. Of course, good-quality, warm and waterproof boots, woolen sweater, warm socks, thermal underwear, and waterproof jacket should be on your must-have list.


The is nothing new that Canada has two official languages: French and English. Basically, if you are able to use at least one of these languages – you’ll be fine there. However, prepare yourself for strong accents and dialects because neither English, nor French there aren’t pure languages. For example, the word “about” is pronounced as [aboot] in Canada, so don’t get confused – must probably Canadian is not talking about his boots.

Driving Conditions

Evaluate your driving skills before renting a car there. Keep the weather conditions in mind and be honest with yourself, do you really know how to drive during the snowstorm? Driving conditions can get very difficult in winter, so before a road trip make sure that your phone is fully charged, navigation is properly working, check out the places of petrol stations, have an emergency kit and make a double-check that your car is equipped with snow tires. It is necessary to track weather conditions, so you won’t be stuck because of road closures.