Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 1

It’s likely by now that you have visited a zoo or two, maybe you’ve been to a safari park, but if you are a real animal lover something about confining these magnificent creatures of all sizes still won’t settle with you. Thankfully these are not the only ways you can experience birds, fish, mammals and more, Canada has it all and out in the wild there is not a cage or a fence to be seen. This however does add some very real danger, as not all animals are naturally friendly, this means that in order to increase both your safety and your likelihood of spotting creatures (since they generally don’t advertise themselves) you may wish to get a tour equipped with an expert.

See Rife Sea Life

Many people immediately think of woodland when they imagine the Canadian landscape, and although that isn’t incorrect the abundance of marine life on Canada’s world record holding shoreline is often overlooked. In the Campbell River you will find thousands of lively salmon making their way through the waters causing the very water to ripple as it teems with life. Tours here will get you up close and personal with the silvery schools of fish, and if you really want to get stuck into the countless bulk of swimmers you will love the snorkeling experience provided by Destiny River Adventures.

Salmon are indeed on the smaller scale of animals you can get to grips with here though, on the larger side are the beloved Beluga whales. These gentle and friendly pale members of the whale family can be found all over Hudson Bay, where you will see groups of them gliding through the waters together. What makes Belugas favourites amongst whale watchers is that these fun and curious critters are extremely vocal. Often called ‘Sea Canaries’ they communicate with each other through a series of high pitch squeaks, clicks and calls similar to dolphins, and as you get face to face with them, they may try and strike up a conversation with you. To make sure you don’t miss your chance to see them, book a place with the crew at Sea North Tours, where you can also arrange kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, tours of the ice and more.

Without a doubt the crème de la crème of sea life is the biggest and the best, and of course that means you will want to see the biggest breeds of whales possible. Canada does not fall short here either and offers a selection of fantastic whale spotting tours that will have you riding alongside some of the biggest animals in the ocean and on the planet. Quebec is a fantastic site for spotting whales at any moment you are at the coast, some places known for sightings allow visitors to simply sit and watch for free at their leisure. Those eager to get in splashing distance will want to check out the tours here though, which include large and small groups and even a helicopter ride option. Expect to see humpbacks, sperm whales, orcas and more along the way as you soak in the seawater and the memories you wont quickly forget.