Unforgettable Wildlife of The North – Part 3

Loose Moose and More Hooves

Another great mammal that Canada is proud of is its herds of antlered quadrupeds – moose. These large but gentle creatures roam the woodland and the plains of the country’s vast landscape, and since they are so prolific here if your are spending your time in some of the parks such as Jasper or Algonquin you may just bump into some along the way. Motorists may be pleased to see the occasional ‘Moose crossing’ signage appear as you enter areas where groups tend to wander over roads. Of course if you want to increase your chances of getting nose to nose with one of these beloved beasts you may want to head to one of the many wildlife reserves that not only will know exactly where the best place to spy some moose, but also often have friendly returning faces that live right on site. The Matane Wildlife Reserve has the greatest concentration of moose in Quebec and an overall population that is greater than some of the national parks, however if you aren’t comfortable with the ethics of hunting you may want to investigate these places beforehand.

Of course, Canada has more than just moose at its disposal when it comes to species of deer and deer-like animals. Also trotting around in the wild here are Elk, which are another large variety in fact the largest in the deer family. Caribou can also be spotted here, this smaller breed is a relative of the reindeer and is almost indistinguishable from them by laymen. Also, amongst the variations is the lesser-known pronghorn, often called an antelope these daintier grazers can be found in Alberta.

A Dam Lot More

Also, in Alberta are many of Canada’s most creative critters, beavers. These active animals can be found gnawing at wood, swimming in ponds and generally keeping themselves busy anywhere there is an abundance of water and trees. At Wood Buffalo National Park however you can see the biggest beaver Dam not just in the Great North, but on the globe. Don’t get too comfortable around these little fellows if you are out on your own though, just like all wild animals the beaver has been known to attack people, especially when guarding its territory.

The list of sought-after wildlife sightings just keeps growing as Canada’s rich and plentiful palette makes it a bucket list destination for nature lovers of any kind. Bird lovers can enjoy fantastic spotting locations where they may be lucky enough to see geese, cranes, jays and even a bald eagle. On the heftier side the furry musk ox can be found in the north alongside the playful walrus and narwhals whereas the mighty bison are located in British Columbia. If you aren’t completely up to scratch with your knowledge and would like to learn along the way heading to a sanctuary or creating a tour with knowledgeable guides is your best bet. Several sites allow you to create custom tours that offer more than one location to allow you to optimise the natural sites of your trip and the selection of wildlife, all which Canada has in leaps and bounds.