Vancouver’s Granville Island – Part 2

The Market Is Everywhere

If the general shops don’t bring people in the market stalls tend to do the trick. The way Granville is laid out however means that almost all of the shops look like typical market stalls. There aren’t any huge brand name stores here in the midst of this madness instead hat shops, ceramic shops and fresh fruit stalls sit side by side. This (chaotic for some) layout is another reason it takes so long to fully peruse everything here, while inside the selection of produce out in the open is akin to many other food markets and here a great selection is on offer too. You will find a range of vegetables, fruit, meat and much more all from different cultures all under the same roof here.

Food at Granville

If the fresh stuff doesn’t get your mouth watering the prepared stuff surely will. Granville is a haven for food just as it is shopping, there is something here for every palate and more. Depending on when you are visiting you may want something cool while you browse in the heat or conversely something warm and freshly baked, you only problem is having to make a decision here.

Firstly, there are a handful of cafes to grab a bite and sit with your drinks both indoors and beside the water. From Pedro’s Organic Coffee House to the Granville Island Tea Company, there is much more to choose from than the board at your local café. Herbal teas, green teas, single origin espresso beans and more abound here, leaving many guests to simply do a crawl from one place to the next. There are also bakeries such as Seigel’s Bagels and Lee’s Donuts, where you can grab a snack to go if you are intent on shopping until you drop.

After a lengthier day here you may be looking for something more substantial however, so its once again down to you to pick from the selection of eateries here, several of which offer beautiful views on the surrounding waters of False Creek. Edible Canada at the Market is a great place to start and a must if you aren’t familiar with the cuisine of the country. Here they focus on seafood and game, bringing traditionally Canadian dishes to guests with a modern flair. There is also the Bridges Bistro which has a gorgeous open air front where you can gaze at the city, the passing boats and soak up some sun in the meantime. The two floors here act like separate operations which means if you enjoy your food you can return later for a different menu entirely. The bottom floor is a pub-style bistro where you can order meals like burgers and pizza, while upstairs is a smaller but more refined menu with high quality seafood and prime cuts of steak.

This is by no means their entire selection. Wandering round, you will be able to snack on everything from deli meats, Asian takeaway like at Omi Japan or Sen Pad Thai, as well as Greek food and other quick bites. There are veggie options, chocolate shops and much more, it all depends on your taste and how much your stomach can handle.