Vancouver’s Granville Island – Part 3

The big pull here is that the people behind the stands are on the whole experts at what they do. Unlike shopping at a mall or at the outlets where everyone is simply an employee, here the people who will greet you with a smile are often the business owner or a relative with a deep knowledge and interest in the product they have on display. Since Granville is choc-a-block with handcrafted pieces and artfully made tactile treasures it makes sense that there is a community of artists here. The board that overseas Granville encourages artists to take part in the island and actively seeks out those willing to help the modern and fun aesthetic. You may notice that all around the buildings and the streets different artists have made their mark. Notably one of the vehicle entrances has been made to look like a bunch of larger than life cartoon characters and makes for a fantastic way to introduce the feel of Granville.

Similarly, Granville also keeps its history close to its chest as well as the history of its neighbours, as a result there are several different places to view and purchase indigenous art here. The Eagle Spirit Gallery is a fantastic place to start especially if you want to get a good feel for what the style and abilities of the natives were. Inside here you will be able to get a close look at carefully sculpted works, giant carved masks and freestanding totems from people of the first nations and Inuit’s from further north. At the Inkary you get to purchase works by indigenous people from all over including Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia that include clothing, accessories and small gift items. The Wickaninnish Gallery has a more contemporary feel with more modern materials and items crafted from this Northwest Coast, Native-owned outlet.

Of course, this isn’t all that is available here, a plethora of modern works come in many different sizes and you will find eye-catching pieces luring you into exciting stores all around the island. BC Blacksmith for example has a range of fun and interesting works made from iron. In here you will find countless tendrils of metal reaching towards the sky accompanied by familiar figures and alluring shapes. At Sadryna Design a different skill is needed to crate the wonderful leatherworks here that include jackets, bags, belts and more. IE creative like to mix steel and glass to create fun and whimsical creations on different scales that you will be eager to show your friends.

Granville Is Endless

All of these shops are just scratching the surface however, the artistry here is unparalleled and the items available to but have no end. As if this wasn’t enough to bring you to Granville its also the destination for many live shows and festivals. Whether you like comedy or you just want to dance your heart out, there is a constant rotation of engaging activities that make days and nights here even more interesting. With so much to do and with parties stretching way into the night it’s a good job that Granville also has its own hotel so you can spend each waking and sleeping minute at this unrelenting peninsula of enjoyment.