Visiting Iqaluit, Nunavut

Canada is an exceptional country with a two-fold draw for tourists. On one side it has its modern cities, big super malls, skyscrapers, nightlife and all the things associated with city living. On its more natural side is an incredibly immense landscape that offers open empty arctic plains. Stepping away from the creature comforts of civilisation and entering the true north may be a dream holiday you haven’t even contemplated.

Iqaluit, Nunavut is a beautiful white coated landscape who’s town has a mainly Inuit population. Here you can experience the diverse landscape of mountains rivers and waterfalls that exude the natural beauty of the area. Feel the calm of the peaceful artic sweep over you as you crunch through the snow and wander over the ice. Winter visitors will definitely need to bring the appropriate thermal clothing as the temperatures during this time remain in the negatives, dropping as low as -32 on occasion. Don’t think that staring into the whiteness is all that can be done here though. Activities to keep you warm will bring you face to face with a number of once in a lifetime experiences. Take an aerial tour of the area in a hot air balloon as you see the vast landscape from high up in its blue skies. See its wildlife up close as you search for the scarce and often hidden animals that roam the barren lands on an arctic safari. If you are feeling brave enough to try the water, SCUBA diving here is like anything you have ever seen before. Here in the crystal clear waters, your viewing distance is incredible, topped with the splendour of the underwater ice and with the option of bumping into some friendly sea life along the way, this is diving like no other. If that isn’t enough for your bucket list, night times here are greeted by a particular spectral flash in the sky. That’s right, the Northern Lights can be witnessed in all their glory from Iqaluit at the right times, making its range of natural wonders exceptional.

The best time to visit here is entirely up to your preferences, because as the winter takes a back seat and the artic summer steps in to thaw out this icy world, the whole place morphs into something different. As the snow melts away and the mountains go from white to grey, hiking becomes less treacherous and allows visitors to tackle the walkable heights here. The gorgeous rugged landscape will keep even the most avid trekkers satisfied as the steep climbs frame the weaving rivers and become vertical drops over the fiords. During this time the rivers are also back in play, this means that fishing becomes more readily available as does kayaking. Take to the great rivers as you rush through the lands that will at this time be stone coloured and spotted with greenery and blossoming with flowers in a way you wouldn’t expect so far north. This beautiful getaway is a very particular type of holiday, but for those unafraid of the elements, who are dying to find a way to get back in touch with nature – look no further than Canada’s west.