VR – The Modern Day Arcade in Canada – Part 1

Arcades may well be a thing of the past. Though the big clunky machines with their bright wraparound graphics still have a retro appeal, today there are fewer and fewer of these dated relics in public places. Now the gaming industry has a new tool in the form of VR or Virtual Reality, and although it may seem as if this is a thing of complete fiction (which of course for many decades it was), modern technology has finally caught up. What most people and of course those who loved arcades of the past are worried about here is the social dynamic disappearing. The arcade was a group outing, one where all ages would come to compete or co operate in friendly battles against each other or the computer respectively. With VR the very function of the headsets that you need in order to play, is to remove the player from the environment and thus stops them from sharing the space with others. In the past couple of years however VR’s multiplayer games and experiences have come a long way and now players can tak
e up virtual adventures together.

Where to Play

VR Playin is a modern space for players to come and take part in the next step up from the arcade. Based in Toronto this new and exciting playpen led by VR enthusiasts has 18 separate stations and function rooms to boot. This means that unlike the arcades of the past, which generally only afforded two players at a time, here entire groups of friends can all take part in the fun at the same time. Get set up in a booth with the help of one of the staff members who will be at hand to walk you through the setup and provide tips throughout, and soon you will be whisked away into another reality entirely.

It’s Easier Than You Think

One of the main benefits of VR is that the controls are much more intuitive than traditional games. The fight sticks of old beat-em ups had pretty much no instruction and as controllers and consoles evolved and added more button things got more complicated. Many older guests may feel put of by the fact that they are no good at conventional video games, but in VR you don’t have to be an expert or remember a slew of button combinations to get the best out of your experience. Because the games are so interactive, the controls are designed to be the same. Want to chop with a sword? Then simply swing your arms in the direction you want to slice.

Want to climb up a cliff?

Then raise your hands and grip, alternating as you would if you were really climbing. And of course, if you are eager to dispatch the monster running right towards you, simply point and pull the trigger. A few minutes getting to grips with the equipment will be all you need before you are ready to embark on a mission far more immersive than any arcade you have ever played on.