VR – The Modern Day Arcade in Canada – Part 2


Of course, those who frequent games will be familiar with the first-person shooter, the perspective of which has never been better than with VR. VR Playin offers a bunch of shooting games for the trigger happy to get to grips with. Zomday and Arizona Sunshine both offer the popular zombie Apocalypse scenario but in different settings, the former being the classic dark and shadowed levels favoring the horror genre, whereas the second title puts you in the blistering heat and light of the desert for a fresher feeling feat of undead plundering. Skyfront is one to look out for if you prefer something new, this futuristic world set in 2300 AD has you emptying clips high up in clean contemporary environments, fending off robots as you twist and turn in zero gravity.


The thrill that VR brings is mainly down to the fact that you really feel that you are in the environment of your game, so much so that your brain eventually reacts to this as if it were real. This means that you can explore places that simply don’t exist or head to places that are impossible to reach. The Mars Odyssey VR experience allows players to walk on the surface of Mars itself, with NASA rovers assisting your journey you can wander the red planet without any space training. In Cosmic Trip you can become a cosmonaut and travel across a brand-new planet altogether. Here you will solve small puzzles and build helper robots to help you dispel the slimy aliens that live here. In The Great C, travel around a desolate future where the smartest being on the planet beckons one of every generation to ask only a few questions. This narrative adventure game is based on a short by Sci-fi master Philip K Dick and shows just how VR can bring even the briefest stories to life.

Creating and Learning

Although many of these interactions are great for a few hours of fun, VR offers some insightful opportunities that don’t involve blasting things away. In Masterpiece VR you are the artist and there are no limits to what you can create out of thin air. This collaborative design game puts you in an artist studio with no limits on your resources or materials. Fantastic Contraption is a building game where you create life size sculptures and creatures and bring them to life. Using the intuitive VR controls this game is perfect for the artsy type of fans of Minecraft who love to build. There is even The VR Museum Of Fine Art which allows you to virtually walk around famous works of art and see sculptures in full scale without having to buy a single plane ticket.

These and many of the titles here are often used for team building. Work outings and indeed families can use these games to constructively and excitingly create deeper bonds between users. The natural interactions and general wow factor that come with VR make it worth trying alone, but with all the additional benefits it seems silly to ever want to step in an old arcade ever again, check out Toronto’s VR Playin today.