Canada is called one of the most likable countries around the world. Everyone is heard about extremely friendly people of the Great White North, scenic landscape that is nothing but wonderful and rivers of maple syrup. But there are many other great things about this cold country!


According to the statistics, Canada is the second-largest country in the world as the total official area is 9 985 000 km². However, half of this place is covered with forests, so there is no surprise that some national parks of Canada are bigger than most of the European countries. Numbers related to mountains and water bodies are also impressive. The coastline of Canada is 243,977 km long and is the longest one coastline of any country in the world, there are almost 2 million big lakes and more than 3 million smaller lakes, as a result, Canada owns about 20% of the world’s freshwater.

Canada is called the Great North for a reason. The results of annual global temperature researches claim that Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is the second coldest capital in the world after Moscow, Russia. If talking about freezing weather, Canada can be proud of another fact – the lowest recorded temperature in the area of Canada is as cold as Mars. A temperature of -63 C was recorded in Snag, Yukon on a pretty nice day of February in 1947. The books of medicine say that human beings barely can breathe when the temperature of the environment is this low, but the population of Canadians still is over 37 million people, so they can be called the nation of superheroes.


If talking about superheroes, it must be noticed that Superman is originally Canadian, the Daily Planet is based on the Toronto Star and Metropolis was modeled after Toronto. Moreover, the whole concept of Superman was created by two creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who was Canadian too.

Even if ice hockey is called the national sport of Canada, you should now that basketball was invented in Canada when James Naismith officially described the rules of this game in 1891. One more great invention of Canada is the telephone. Officially, the great inventor, scientist, and engineer Alexander Graham Bell had citizenship of the United Kingdom. However, the invention was made in Canada.


According to the official statements of the Canadian government, Santa Claus has Canadian citizenship and can freely use all his rights because he is the most beloved man on the earth. Other Canadians are also known as the politest people who apologizing and saying sorry millions of times per day, so they even have the Act of Apology that was officially confirmed as a part of the constitution in 2009.

The official welcoming place for aliens can be found in Canada as well. The UFO landing pad was opened in 1967 in St Paul, Alberta. It is a raised platform with the map of Canada, and it might be a symbol of friendliness and goodwill of mankind. The last but not least: smelling bad is forbidden by the constitution of Canada and every smelly person in a public place can spend up to 2 years in jail. Don’t forget to use soap and perfume while visiting Canada.